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Department of Systems Integration

This division provides education in the fundamentals of system integration: science, elemental technology, production technology, materials engineering, and systems design. It fosters practical, talented people able to flourish as development engineers, production engineers and system engineers in such fields as mechanical engineering, marine and ocean engineering, space engineering, and materials design and engineering.

Specialization in Mechanical Engineering

Cultivating Talented Engineers and Researchers Able to Flourish in the Various Fields of Mechanical Engineering

This course provides education in the fundamentals of system integration: science, elemental technology, production technology, and systems design. Building on the School of Engineering’s mechanical engineering education, it covers basic fields of mechanical engineering such as mechanical processing, thermofluid energy and mechanical systems, and leading-edge, interdisciplinary fields such as environmental engineering, space sciences, bioengineering and welfare engineering, cultivating advanced engineers and researchers in the process.

Keywords in This Field Materials processing, tribology, mechanical processing, precision engineering, computer-aided design and manufacturing, three-dimensional shape processing, metallic materials, metallography, strength of materials, computational dynamics, thermal engineering, heat-transfer engineering, phase-change heat transfer, heat and fluid engineering, turbulence, turbulence measurement, fuel cells, combustion, fluid dynamics, rarefied gas dynamics, numerical fluid engineering, control engineering, modelling, mechanical dynamics, ergonomics, mechanical design, power transmission, fluid power control, machine intelligence, robotics, mechatronics, robot engineering, production systems engineering, micro/nano machine engineering, three-dimensional micro/nano processing, infinite particle systems, number-theoretic algebraic geometry

Specialization in Mechanical Engineering

Specialization in Ocean and Space Engineering

Carrying Out Advanced Research, and Small-Group Education, Based on Cutting-Edge Knowledge and Technology in the Areas of Marine and Ocean Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

Through specialized education, in marine and ocean engineering and aerospace engineering, focused on effectively and appropriately using the oceans, the atmosphere and outer space, this course fosters advanced, specialized engineers and researchers who combine an ability to investigate problems with an ability to solve them, as well as technical engineers able to operate in the practical world of business.

Keywords in This Field Marine fluid dynamics, numerical fluid dynamics, high-speed fluid dynamics, performance and control (of ships and seaplanes) in waves, measurement and evaluation of wave environments, marine and ocean design engineering, optimal design, marine resources and energy engineering, marine environment studies, structural mechanics of ships, fracture mechanics, computational solid mechanics, CAE, structural dynamics, computational mechanics, intelligent materials and structures

Course of Systems Design for Ocean Space

Specialization in Solid State Materials and Engineering

Conducting Education and Research Related to the Development of New Functional Materials, the Elucidation of Their Properties, and Their Use in Design

In this course, students learn about the principles regulating manifestation, and the methods of control, of the various properties ? electronic properties, optical properties, mechanical properties, etc. ? of metallic materials, chemical compounds, ceramics, semiconductors, and energy materials; and study materials with regard to their manufacturing processes, processing processes, reuse, evaluation, and more.

Keywords in This Field Materials organization, metallic materials, structural materials, functional materials, semiconductor materials, materials processing, engineered materials science, vitreous metallurgy, metallography, computational materials science, ceramic materials, thermoelectric conversion materials, light-conversion materials, simulation engineering, heat-resistant materials, computational phase diagrams, mechanics of plasticity, plasticity processing, die materials, texture control processing, x-ray diffraction materials, electron microscopy, solid mechanics, medical materials, creating materials for nanomachines