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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Aiming to promote the efficient use of resources and energy and greater harmony with the natural environment, this division conducts education related to the development of materials, substances and processes. By providing students with knowledge in a wide range of fields, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, and energy, it cultivates talented individuals with extensive expertise and broad powers of judgment.

Specialization in Advanced Materials Chemistry

Systematically Studying the Advanced Materials Chemistry that Supports a Sustainable Society

By carrying out the molecular and material design of a wide range of materials (including ones related to living organisms), by developing methods of synthesizing the materials, and by analysing material functions, this course provides a systematic education in the advanced materials chemistry that supports a healthy, comfortable, sustainable society.

Keywords in This Field Synthetic organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, organic materials chemistry, organometallic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, morphology of biological materials, photochemistry, catalytic chemistry, solid state chemistry, solid state physics, electrochemistry, quantum chemistry, surface engineering, atmospheric chemistry, analytical chemistry, astrobiology, theoretical calculation, theoretical simulation

Specialization in Advanced Materials Chemistry

Specialization in Chemical and Energy Engineering

Elucidating the Basic Phenomena Related to Material Processes - Diffusion and Reactions, Energy Conversion, Biological Functions etc. - and Discovering Their Engineering Applications

In this course, transfer phenomena related to materials (diffusion, flow, heat transfer), reactions, energy conversion, biological functions, and other chemical and physical phenomena are rigorously presented; education is provided in such areas as renewable energy (fuel cells, hydrogen energy, etc.), biotechnology, production processes for highly functional materials, and future-oriented environmental technology; and students are cultivated into engineers and researchers who can solve problems in these areas and have the advanced expertise necessary to create cutting-edge scientific technology.

Keywords in This Field Heat energy engineering, biological systems engineering, industrial physical chemistry, soft materials, material processes, chemical processes, environmental engineering, sound material-cycle society

Specialization in Chemical and Energy Engineering