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Our Philosophy

The Graduate School of Engineering’s philosophy is to promote and invigorate research through participating in joint research inside and outside the university, national research projects, joint international research, and more, and to thus explore the frontiers of learning related to cutting-edge technology, fundamental theory, and other areas of advanced research.

Objectives and Characteristics

The master’s program is positioned as the core of the university’s graduate education in engineering. Its goal is to cultivate engineers and researchers richly endowed with a frontier spirit who can explore their respective fields and make flexible, comprehensive judgments from a broad perspective about unfamiliar subjects. The program includes education related to advanced, basic learning that develops an ability not just to deeply explore one’s own specialized field but also to turn one’s attention to a wide range of other fields of research and technology; and provides an education that makes it possible to develop original technologies and areas of study.

The doctoral program cultivates highly creative and progressive development engineers and researchers able to create, research and develop original technologies and areas of study and take the initiative in opening up new industries and avenues of learning.

Especially in the master’s program, the objectives are: (1) an advanced, specialized education, and (2) education that provides a broad perspective able to deal with scientific technology originating from a diversity of fields. To achieve those objectives, the following four divisions have been established.

○Department of Materials Science and Engineering
○Department of Systems Integration
○Department of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering

To cultivate a broad perspective, joint classes with the Faculty of Engineering have been established in each of the four divisions, and joint classes between the divisions have been created as well. To realize an advanced, specialized education, specialized courses have been instituted in the divisions; and each course in the master’s program offers students a group of Elective Recommended Classes. In the larger courses, moreover, multiple groups of Elective Recommended Classes have been established, making it possible to provide an education that is both detailed and diverse.