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Dean's Message

Graduate School of Engineering Masayoshi WATANABE, Dean

Graduate School of Engineering

Masayoshi WATANABE, Dean

Since its establishment, the Graduate School of Engineering at our university has always taken the lead in university development, including with the establishment of its doctoral program (a course where a doctorate can be awarded), which was the first to be approved outside old-education-system universities. With the reorganization of graduate schools on 1 April 2001, core training moved from the college to the graduate school, and the Graduate School of Engineering was established. The strengthening of graduate studies was also a first for a new-education-system university. This was realized through assessment of education that had been completed and advanced research that had been developed prior to that, and by placing the core of education in engineering fields in a graduate school, we aimed to train people capable of working actively as engineers and researchers at the forefront of various fields.

Yokohama National University’s fundamental principles are: “Be Active”, by valuing relationships with actual society, “Be Innovative”, by ambitiously furthering new initiatives, “Be Open”, by leaving the door wide open for the whole of society, and “Be Global”, by promoting cultural exchanges with other countries. We carry out a variety of educational reforms in the Graduate School of Engineering in order to realize these principles. In 2007, we established master’s and doctoral programs with the PED (Pi-type Engineering Degree) Program, focusing on studio (workshop) education, with the goal of training practical engineers and researchers with broad outlooks who are capable of dealing with scientific technologies that combine fields. In addition, we are currently furthering our support for globalization, which is constantly advancing. 2015 can be considered to be a milestone year, because all lectures at the graduate school were conducted in English. Graduate students' overseas programs have been actively conducted during either the first or second term of doctorate degree that include giving presentations at international conferences, and from the year 2015, we have newly implemented International internship in the curriculum. We are also in the process of establishing double degree programs that advance thesis research through cooperation with the Graduate School of Engineering and graduate schools at overseas universities, and award multiple master’s degrees or doctorates. "Producing promising human resources through actively pursuing education and research in a competitive global environment, and developing competitive research internationally" has become the mission of the graduate school.

At the Graduate School of Engineering there are approximately 750 students studying in the master’s program and approximately 150 students studying in the doctoral program, with approximately 170 full-time faculty members. Since the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering in 1963 there are close to 14,000 graduates active around the globe. We sincerely hope that all students following in their footsteps will work hard at their studies at our lush green Tokiwadai Campus with their peers who have gathered from around the world, and will grow to become talented leaders in society, all while following our ideals and tradition “Meikyo Shizen (名教自然)”.

Masayoshi WATANABE, Dean, Graduate School of Engineering