1. Admission Dates

Q1-1. When can I obtain the application guidelines?

A1-1. The admission schedule is published on the Graduate School of Engineering website. Application guidelines are distributed from mid-May for the primary application period and late-October for the secondary application period each year. The above schedule will be subject to change. In addition, the secondary application may not be held every academic year.

Q1-2. Does the Graduate School of Engineering have a secondary application period?

A1-2. The guidelines and schedule for the secondary application period, if held, will be announced on the graduate school's website. Please check the graduate school's website regularly.

2. Application Eligibility

Q2-1. I would like to send an email with a copy of my resume/CV. Could you tell me if I am eligible to apply?

A2-1. The Graduate School of Engineering does not accept application documents via email and will not reply with an assessment of eligibility based on resumes/ CV. All application materials must be submitted by postal mail during the proper eligibility assessment period.
The Graduate School will only assess the eligibility of applicants who are uncertain about meeting profiles (8), (9) and (10) for the Master's Program and (6), (7) and (8) for the Doctoral Program. All other eligibility profiles are not required to have their eligibility individually assessed by the graduate school.

Q2-2. I have an undergraduate degree but have completed less than 16 years of formal education. Can I still apply for Master’s program in the Graduate School of Engineering?

A2-2. Depending on the country where you completed your formal education, you may be eligible to apply. Please submit the required document for the application eligibility assessment to the Graduate School by the designated date. As a result of application eligibility assessment, your application sometimes will not be approved.

Q2-3. I am a first year student in master's program. Can I transfer to the second year of the Graduate School of Engineering?

A2-3. Applicants can enter the Graduate School of Engineering only as a first year student.

Q2-4. Does my past work experience help me applying for the graduate program?

A2-4. If you have work experience more than one year and pass the application eligibility assessment, you can apply for the special selection for adults. Applicants for the special selection are not required to take written examinations. They just need to come to the university to have an interview.

Q2-5. Do I first have to become a research student prior to admission to the Graduate School of Engineering?

A2-5. No. If accepted for enrollment in the Graduate School of Engineering, you are admitted directly to the Graduate School as a full time student. The research student system still exists, but does not relate to the graduate programs’ admissions. Applications for research students and for graduate students are entirely exclusive.

3. Application Materials

Q3-1. What documents are required to apply for admission to the graduate program?

A3-1. The application requirements are listed on the following link to the Graduate School's website:
The application guidelines and any other information on the above website will be written in Japanese. Please consult the below website for details on the required documents for the application.

Q3-2. Do I need to use the designated forms for application? Can the application guidelines be sent outside of Japan?

A3-2. Applicants are required to use the designated forms attached to the application guidelines. Some of the designated forms can be downloaded on the graduate school’s website. The Graduate School of Engineering will only mails the application guidelines to addresses inside Japan. If you live outside Japan, and would like to receive the application forms, please ask a contact person in Japan to request the guidelines.
The guidelines are free, but applicants must pay for the cost of postage. Details on the procedure for requesting application materials are outlined the following link:

Q3-3. Can I request the application forms to be sent to me by email?

A3-3. The application guidelines and forms cannot be sent by email because designated forms and envelops must be used for the application. The guidelines' PDF and some of the designated forms can be downloaded on the graduate school's website.

Q3-4. Some of my application documents cannot be re-issued and I may require them again for other purposes in the future. In such a case can I submit a photocopy as an alternative when I apply to the graduate program?

A3-4. Original copies of application documents are required for application purposes. As a rule, application documents will not be returned. However, upon request in special circumstances, materials that cannot be easily be reissued will be returned after the Graduate School of Engineering Section confirms their authenticity.
Applicants must bring the original document to the graduate school office by the end of application period. It will be returned to applicants when its photocopy is taken at the office. If it is hard for applicants to come to the office, please send the original document and a note of request for return, by postal mail during the application period. It will be returned to applicants after the examination finishes.

Q3-5. To apply for the Special selection of master’s course, a certificate of application eligibility (Form 15-1) must be sealed. Can I seal the envelope on my own?

A3-5. No. To be considered official, applicants need to request that the university place the certificate in a sealed envelope and stamp the outside flap with the school seal.

4. Application Procedure

Q4-1. Do I need to contact my prospective supervisor before applying for the Graduate School of Engineering?

A4-1. As directed on the application guidelines, applicants are required to contact their prospective supervisors or faculty members prior to the application. In addition, international students must ask them to send the provisional acceptance letter.
The following links provide the lists of faculty members in the Graduate School. You are required to choose your supervisors who will be suitable for your research field, find their email addresses on the lists, and contact them on your own. If you cannot find the email addresses of your prospective supervisors, please email the Graduate School of Engineering Section at the following address:




Q4-2. I am currently residing outside of Japan, can I ask my friend in Japan to submit the application materials to the Graduate School of Engineering on my behalf?

A4-2. Application materials may be submitted by a designated contact person such as a family member, friend or co-worker, etc. The admission ticket, the letter of acceptance, and admission procedure guidelines will be sent to the designated contact person in Japan, for applicants who are residing outside of Japan. These items cannot be sent directly outside of Japan. Applicants are required to fill out addresses in Japan, on a stamped, self‐addressed envelope and self‐addressed stickers.
Applicants need to obtain the admission ticket for taking the entrance examination.

5. Screening

Q5-1. I live outside of Japan. Am I required to travel to Japan to take an entrance exam?

A5-1. Applicants are required to complete an on-campus examination. Written examinations, oral examinations and interviews are held on campus.

Q5-2. Would you consider GPA of the undergraduate program?

A5-2. All the information printed on transcripts may be considered for admission process.

Q5-3. Are past examination questions available?

A5-3. The past Admissions Examination questions of the Graduate School of Engineering for the last five years can be seen or copied at the Engineering Library (Campus Map S7-3 ). Applicants will be required to show their IDs to enter the library. Past exam questions are not posted on the Graduate School’s website nor can they be sent to applicants by postal mail.

6. Language Proficiency

Q6-1. Are all courses in the graduate programs instructed in English? Do I need to have proficiency in Japanese language to apply for the Graduate School of Engineering?

A6-1. English is the language of instruction for most courses in the Graduate School. However, the application guidelines and most documents handed out after enrollment will be written in Japanese. So students, who will not have enough Japanese language proficiency, may need to be supported by someone who are good at Japanese. Yokohama National University has a tutor system. Tutors help you settle in to your campus life including some documentation. You will have your own tutor after enrollment.

Q6-2. The medium of instruction of my study was English. Do I still need to submit TOEIC or TOFEL scores?

A6-2. All the applicants, including native English speakers or those who completed their bachelor’s or master’s degree in English as the medium of instruction, are required to submit English Test Scores (i.e., TOEIC or TOEFL) for the graduate school's admissions. The score report must be submitted on the day of the examination. Please note that a photocopy of the report or a printout of information on the website cannot be accepted.

7. Program Outlines

Q7-1. Where can I access information on the Graduate School of Engineering's programs and areas of research specialization?.

A7-1. An overview of programs and research fields in the Graduate School of Engineering can be seen on the graduate school’s website. For further details on specific area of research, please contact the prospective supervisors or faculty members in charge.




Q7-2. Does the Graduate School of Engineering have program information sessions for prospective applicants?

A7-2. The Graduate School of Engineering does not host program information sessions for prospective applicants. However, some specialization may have it. If the information is not shown on the graduate school's website, please ask faculty member in charge. The member’s list is posted on the below website.

8. Others

Q8-1. I would like to know how to apply for the MEXT scholarship offered for international students.

A8-1. The following link provides the details of the process for MEXT Scholarship applications at Yokohama National University.
If you have any questions, please contact the International Admissions Office: iao ynu.ac.jp

Q8-2. I need a letter of acceptance from the Graduate School of Engineering to apply for a scholarship in my country. How can I get the letter?

A8-2. The official letter of acceptance will be sent to applicants who have passed the entrance examination for the Graduate School. Please apply for the admission in designated period.

Q8-3. What documents do I need to submit for enrollment in the Graduate School of Engineering? Can I ask the graduate school’s office to apply for my college student visa?

A8-3. Successful applicants need to submit the information Sheet for Student Registration, Pledge Card, Photo-mount Sheet for Student ID, Receipt for the Payment of Admission Fee, and other related documents. Further details will be informed after the letter of acceptance is sent. Regarding college student visa, YNU does not apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for Successful applicants, as indicated on following page:

Q8-4. Does the Graduate School of Engineering offer any scholarships for applicants before or after enrollment?

A8-4. In the Graduate School of Engineering, there are no scholarships designated specifically for students in the the Master's program. In the doctoral program, only a select number of students are selected for an honors scholarship, or as a research fellow who is hired and receives payment as an RA.
After enrollment, privately funded students in both the Master's and Doctoral programs may apply for scholarships through the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) or other institutions based on university's recommendation. The details of the process to apply for Financial Support and scholarships are shown on the below website.

Q8-5. Can I study architecture or civil engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering?

A8-5. If you would like to research such fields, please apply for the Graduate School of Urban Innovation. http://www.urban.ynu.ac.jp/english/

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